Congratulations to our prize-winners

6th October 2020

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Congratulations to Wadham students who have been awarded named College prizes following outstanding performance in their studies.

Postponed exams meant a delay in awarding some of the prizes but the majority have been conferred including one prize which was divided between 13 History finalists who all gained first class degrees.  

“A pleasure to teach”, “outstanding”, “enthusiastic”, “engaged”, “creative”, “motivated” and “perceptive” are some of the terms used to describe the performance and attitude of this group of exceptional students. 

Named College prizes are awarded thanks to generous donations from Wadham academics, alumni and friends.

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2019/20 Named College Prizes

Caroline Kellett First Public Examination Prize in History: Mia Sorenti, History; Chloe Williams, History

Caroline Kellett Final Honours School Prize in History: split between 13 finalists who were awarded first class degrees 

Tom Carter, History; Anna Chamberlain, History of Art; Flora Clark, History; Samson Dittrich, History; Joseph Hettrick, History ; Eoin Hughes, History and Politics; Sam Miller, History and English; Hugo Raine, Ancient and Modern History; Mrinmoyee Roy, History and English; Gabrielle Schwarzmann, History and Politics; Jade Spencer, History; Eleanor Watson, History and Mod Langs [FRE]; Josh Williamson, History and Economics 

Derow Prize in Classics: Evie Atmore, Literae Humaniores 

Eshag Prize for performance in FHS PPE: Phoebe Bachsleitner, PPE

Fiddian Travel Prize in Spanish: Lily Rachel, English and Modern Languages (SPA) 

Ockenden Prize in German: Conor Hartley, Modern Languages (FRE and GER)

Ockenden Prize in Russian: Lily Samarine, Mod Langs (FRE and RUS]

Peter Carter Prize for best performance in FHS Law: Justin Tan, Jurisprudence 

Christina Howells Prize in French: Andrew Hodgson, Classics and Mod Langs [FRE]

Sukumar Prize in Physics: Hank [Chien Hung] Wu, Physics

Rex Warner Prize in Classics Moderations: Ben Broadbent, Literae Humaniores; Ray Cheung, Literae Humaniores 

Prize in Philosophy: Phoebe Bachsleitner, PPE

Woodhouse Prize in Mathematics: Hazem Hassan, Mathematics

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