Holywell Street gets an upgrade

3rd September 2020

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Wadham’s Holywell Street façade has been renovated and repaired following a refurbishment project over the summer.

  • Holywell Street buildings

    Wadham's Holywell Street frontage

  • Wadham's Holywell Street frontage

Although individual houses have been redecorated over the years, it is believed that this is the first time that the façade as a whole has had a face lift.

“The refurbishment has transformed Holywell Street – we are delighted with the results,” commented Domestic Bursar Frances Lloyd. “It was a great achievement for this work to progress so fast during the pandemic” she added. 

The eleven houses/buildings owned by the College, some of which date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, start with the rose coloured Kings Arms on the corner of Parks Road and Holywell St and include numbers 40 to 31 including the printers and the Tuck Shop. 

A number of contractors have been involved in the refurbishment including stonemasons, carpenters, painters and decorators, scaffolders, roofing and plumbing contractors as well as members of the Wadham Works Department.   

Work started on the 20 July and decoration will be completed ahead of schedule on 4 September, with masonry completed by 18 September. 

All the façades have had cracks sealed, filled and painted and the 95 windows have been stripped, filled, repaired and painted, with 75 sash windows serviced, waxed and draft-proofed.  External metal railings, doors and gates have also been redecorated. 

Specialist masonry work continues at the stone clad 33 and 32 Holywell St and parts of the Bursary Building.