Introducing Webb Quad

21st September 2020

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Introducing Webb Quad, bordered by our new undergraduate and access Centres, the Bowra buildings and Holywell Music Room.

  • Landscaping has begun in Webb Quad

    Landscaping has begun on the Bruce Naylor Garden in Webb Quad

  • Webb Quad awaiting landscaping

    Webb Quad awaiting landscaping

  • Webb Quad

    Looking down onto Webb Quad (before landscaping) from a window in the Dr Lee Shau Kee building

  • Webb Quad from the back of the Holywell Music Room

    Webb Quad from the back of the Holywell Music Room

  • Looking Back at the Dr Lee Shau Kee Building across Webb Quad

    Looking Back at the Dr Lee Shau Kee Building across Webb Quad

The Quad has been given its new name following a generous benefaction from alumnus John Henry Webb (1929-2019) and his wife Rona.

John Webb came up to Oxford in 1949 after National Service as an officer in the Royal Artillery. He read Physics and played an active part in College life, enjoying sports and social activities.

His former roommate, Edward Jones (Modern History, 1949) wrote in John’s obituary of a surprise visit from John’s Oxford based mother during the post war food shortages: “The windows of the ground floor rooms of Staircase 11, which he and I occupied, open on to the street. One night I was for some reason alone in John’s room when there was a tap on the window. On opening it I was astonished to have a delicious looking pie thrust into my hands by a lady outside. I had to assure an embarrassed Mrs Webb that she had the right room and that I would accept delivery on John’s behalf.”

After graduating, John Webb enjoyed a successful career in structural engineering, founding the firm of John Webb and Associates, consulting structural engineers, which flourished in Oxford and Bournemouth. Over the course of his career, John was involved in numerous building projects, including hospitals, schools and factories, and he gained two major awards from the Concrete Society; one in 1973 for the Institute of Hydrology at Wallingford, and the other for the first phase of Bournemouth General Hospital in 1990.

He remained closely involved with Wadham throughout his life and as a generous supporter of Wadham’s bursary scheme, he was committed to giving talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds access to the education he so enjoyed at Oxford.

Formerly known as JCR/Bar Quad - or at one point in the 70s, Ho Chi Minh Quad - Webb Quad will contain the Bruce Naylor Garden. Landscaping is underway, made up of pathways, outside seating, and  imaginative planting to create an intimate outdoor space for future generations of Wadham students.

Wadham would like to express its warmest thanks to Rona Webb for this generous gift and the Warden, Fellows and students look forward to the official opening of the Webb Quad in the new year.

As the William Doo Undergraduate Centre and Dr Lee Shau Kee buildings prepare for opening, selected naming opportunities remain. Please find out more here  or contact Julie Hage, Development Director at .

  • John Webb

    Alumnus John Webb