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31st August 2021

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Pioneering research by Wadham’s Professor Ankhi Mukherjee has been selected for a new educational website and app.

  • Professor Ankhi Mukherjee

    Professor Ankhi Mukherjee

In a microdocumentary on her forthcoming book, Unseen City, Ankhi talks about psychoanalysis at the intersection of race, migrancy, and poverty in global cities.

Ankhi, Professor of English and World Literatures at the University of Oxford, is one of 150 world-renowned academics chosen to share their research, making it accessible to all through the app and website ‘EXPeditions’.  

‘EXPeditions’ encourages the exploration of ideas, from the culture of ancient Greece to the latest findings in biology, through accessible conversations with leading academics, scientists and thinkers. 

Among the themes she addresses in the films, Ankhi discusses how psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who work at the intersection of poverty and race, in global cities or in war zones, realise very quickly that the mainstays of Western psychiatry will have to be adapted and retooled. She explores the difference between post-traumatic stress disorder and the continuous traumatic stress experienced by groups such as sex workers and asylum seekers. And she discusses the erasure of humanity and individuality that can occur when we think of 'the poor' as a collective, whether in Mumbai slums, homeless shelters in New York or ghettos in London. 

Unseen City (Cambridge University Press) is scheduled for publication in December 2021.