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26th August 2021

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Wadham students are invited to enter original essays for a chance to win two College prizes, each worth £200.

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Wadham undergraduate entries to the College Prize in the Sciences and Mathematics and Cheney Prize in the Arts and Social Sciences must be submitted before Friday 15 October 2021.

Submissions, which may be in the form of an essay or another form appropriate to the subject, should be no longer than 3,000 words, excluding references.

The subject of the work is entirely open, the only requirements being that the subject and its manner of treatment should have been chosen unaided by the author, and the work should not have been marked by any senior member. The work may derive from the author’s course of study, but tutorial essays or written work prepared specifically to meet a university requirement will not be considered. Equally, submissions may deal with a subject quite distinct from the university syllabus. Work prepared for presentation in any seminar or discussion group organised primarily by undergraduate students is welcome. Work that has previously been successful in earlier competitions for University or College prizes is not eligible.

Previous winning essays for the College Prize in Sciences and Mathematics have included: ‘The Long Legacy of New Diseases: How Anthropology can be a Crucial Tool in the Race to Identify the Next Outbreak’, The conditions for any connective to be expressively adequate in propositional logic’ and ‘A Chlamydia Vaccination Programme in the UK: Lessons from 11 years of HPV Immunization’.  Essays winning the Cheney Prize in the Arts and Social Sciences have included: ‘What does an analysis of Marvel’s Black Widow character reveal about the dissemination of America’s Cold War propaganda through popular culture?’, ‘An Epicene Ideal; an Analysis of Michelangelo’s Ignudi’ and ‘You’re supposed to not change the narrative: the narrator and their power in Paul Shapera.”

Submissions will be considered for whichever prize is most appropriate given the subject matter of the submission (rather than according to the author’s subject in Schools). 

Authors should submit their work to Essays will be submitted to the judges anonymously. Winning entries may be featured on the College website.

Please note that the competition is open only to undergraduates who will be in their second, third or fourth year in the first week of Michaelmas term 2021.

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