First Burkard Travel and Research Prize in Persian Studies awarded

21st December 2021

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We are delighted to confirm that five students have been awarded the 2021 'Alfons and Josefine Burkard Travel and Research Prize in Persian Studies'. 

  • manuscripts in Wadham Library - 1828 Quran

    One of the beautiful manuscripts in the Wadham Library collection - an 1828 Quran

Thanks to generous donor support, the Prize will be awarded every year to students studying Persian at Wadham to provide funds towards the cost of studying abroad. This year, due to the pandemic, the prize wining students are not all able to travel to the Middle East, but have found alternative ways of studying their language, some travelling to Europe and others to the US.

"I hope that the Prize will be useful to the students, benefit Persian at Wadham in general and help maintain an excellent environment that is still dear to me ten years after I left the College." Alumnus Andreas Burkard (Oriental Studies, 2007).

Donations towards travel prizes and grants offer vital support and allows the College to support students with their travels and language and cultural studies abroad.