Research project supports Newham sixth form

16th December 2021

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Wadham’s Access team has launched an innovative research project with NewVIc Sixth Form College in Newham.

  • The Charlie Hutchison Project

The Charlie Hutchison Project is an innovative research project for NewVIc sixth form students, and other pupils studying in Newham and Tower Hamlets. It provides the opportunity to take part in webinars led by tutors at Oxford University and conduct archival research with the Marx Memorial Library to uncover more about the life of Charlie Hutchison, the first black British volunteer in the Spanish Civil War.

“The project gives pupils the opportunity to develop the practical skills they’d be using when studying at university through the fascinating life of Charlie Hutchison.  The research project will allow pupils to interact with academics in Oxford working in similar research areas; use the wonderful archival resources held by the MML; and utilise the teaching expertise of NewVIc’s African Studies Centre.  Participants will also have the chance to visit the University of Oxford and receive support with making competitive applications to top universities.“  

Participating students will visit Wadham for a tour, admissions talk and the opportunity to take part in a seminar led by an Oxford PhD student or tutor.

Charlie Hutchison led a fascinating life which reflects many wider themes in British history and politics; these include the history of anti-fascist movements and working-class political radicalism in East London; racial identity in the 20th century; black involvement in the World Wars. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with an interest in modern history, politics and racial identity, or considering making an application to study at Oxford or another research-intensive university. 

The project will also develop practical study skills and give students a super-curricular activity to use in their personal statements.