Talking climate change

16th December 2021

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Warden Robert Hannigan is joined by Nathalie Seddon, Fellow in Biology, to discuss COP26 and Nature-based Solutions to climate change. 

"Expectations for COP26 were really high. Some of them were met, some were exceeded and some were really not." Nathalie shares her experience of COP 26 and explains the role of Nature-based solutions in addressing climate change. 

She speaks of the extraordinary intensity of the two week conference and the great sense of urgency, energy, determination and industry among the 40,000 delegates representing some 200 nations. 

"It felt like a positive reset of intergovernmental efforts to address climate change," she said.

Play Professor Nathalie Seddon

It was also very moving and distressing. We had many communities there who are facing an imminent, existential threat from climate change.

Professor Nathalie Seddon

Nathalie Seddon is Professor of Biodiversity and Director of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at the University of Oxford. 

What are Nature-based Solutions?

Nature-based solutions involve working with nature to address societal challenges, providing benefits for both human well-being and biodiversity. Specifically they are actions that work towards the protection, restoration or management of natural and semi-natural ecosystems; the sustainable management of aquatic systems and working lands such as croplands or timberlands; or the creation of novel ecosystems in and around cities.