Tea and thanks

13th July 2021

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Wadham students thanked College staff with surprise gifts of tea, coffee, cafetières and tea diffusers in a gesture of appreciation for their hard work throughout this challenging year.

  • Staff liaison officer Karan with staff members

    Staff liaison officer Karan with staff members

SU Stafff liaison officer Karan Ruparell said in a message to staff: “Unfortunately this year has stopped us from seeing each other too often, and even now we can’t have an in person staff appreciation day. Yet even so there were great interactions this year, and we students want to thank you for that!”

Comments from students included: 

“The Wadham garden is my favourite place in Oxford, next to Port Meadow. Thank you for taking care of it!” 

“I really appreciate my College Tutor checking in on me during my self-isolation without me asking. Made me feel a lot less overwhelmed.”  

“I wanted to thank the kitchen staff for the amazing vegetarian food this term. I'm in a staircase without access to a kitchen to cook in so I've been relying on the food provided by College and it's all been really delicious and varied and nutritious! I've looked forward to dinner every evening thank you so much! And the themed nights were really fun too!” 

“Cleaned our staircases tirelessly, even when we are self isolating putting themselves in danger…” 

In addition to the variety of loose leaf Cardews teas and coffees the students have held a staff raffle for dining vouchers for the popular Cowley restaurant, Zaa'tar. 

On behalf of the staff, Wadham Domestic Bursar Frances Lloyd commented: “We are very touched by this generous gesture from our students. It has been a tough year for all of us and it is much appreciated that our hard work has been recognised.”

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