Exploring transcultural music

25th March 2021


Transcultural Music History, a new book edited by Wadham Emeritus Fellow Reinhard Strohm, was the subject of discussion at this Wadham College online event.

Play Transcultural Music History book cover

This book, the third volume resulting from a project to promote a global history of music, focuses on historiographers of African music, practitioners of military music, proponents of Bach′s music in other continents, and to the creators and users of sound media, who could act as they did through awareness of a globalised cultural environment.

The volume is the product of the Balzan Musicology Project which documents musical histories, large and small, from around the world, written by 54 different authors across the three volumes, documenting musical histories, large and small, around the world.

Commenting on the unprecedented rise of global discourse in all cultural matters as well as in politics, economy and science, Reinhard said: “We musicians are catching up with the state of things, opening our ears and accommodating our voices to ever more different sounds and also promoting shared inclusivity about music with new research.”

Working towards a global history of music is not new, said Reinhard, but new groups on global music history are now opening all over the world.

In this most recent volume, some nineteen specialists of music history, ethnomusicology and cultural studies describe a surprising patchwork of local expertise and global significance.

At this event Wadham Professorial Fellow and Heather Professor of Music at the University of Oxford Eric Clarke chairs and moderates discussion between Profs Reinhard Strohm (Wadham Emeritus Fellow) and the volume authors Keith Howard (SOAS), Anna Maria Busse Berger (U. of California Davis), Christina Richter-Ibañez (University of Tübingen) and Daniela Alejandra Fugellie (University Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile).

Watch the discussion here.