Meet new SU President Eemil Moisio

20th May 2021

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In an unopposed SU election Eemil Moisio (PPE, 2020) becomes President of Wadham Student Union and will take up his role next term.

  • Eemil Moisio

    Eemil Moisio (PPE, 2020)

Creating opportunities for the student year groups to get to know each other is high on his list of priorities and Eemil is excited that the new JCR and undergraduate centre will become a hub for student social activities as Covid restrictions are relaxed.

“Our university experience has been defined by the pandemic” he said. “I believe Wadham faces both a challenge and an opportunity in the recovery from this period.”

“It’s key that College events and services reopen smoothly next term and that the community becomes involved. We need to reconsider opportunities for those who have had few chances to participate this year, as well as increase points of contact between non-SU officers and the College administration.” 

“Freshers’ week will be massive for re-uniting the community” he added. 

Eemil is hoping to encourage the College to resume and increase its social and environmental commitments including the Oxford Living Wage; and net zero carbon by 2035. 

When applying to Oxford Eemil was drawn to Wadham by its image as an inclusive and diverse community. “I am happy that this was not an outward show and the community here is better than I could have expected with an incredible standard of tuition." 

Eemil chose PPE because of a particular interest in economics at school. He has been delighted to discover that his interests have broadened and he is particularly enjoying political theory, learning about conceptions of freedom and the constraints socioeconomic factors pose on them.  

Eemil takes over from Aaron Kai Shankar (German and Portuguese, 2019) who steps down from the role at the end of Trinity Term.