Wadham-inspired poetry

27th May 2021


Two Wadham-inspired poems are published this month, written by former SCR member Tihomir Popovic.

  • The Fellows' Garden Wadham College

    The Fellows' Garden at Wadham College

Both written in German, Dr Popovic's ‘fellows' garden’ is a part of a cycle called oxforder gezeiten (Oxford tides).

“It depicts the fellows’ garden as a kind of hortus conclusus (a mystical enclosed garden) which becomes a place of encounter with oneself and one's various identities, past and present,” he said. “An escaped puma from Dartmoor and an Oxford garden squirrel carrying her diplomas serve as somewhat grotesque helpers in this process.”

Read ‘Fellows’ Garden’ (in German) here

The heraldic scallops on the Wadham coat of arms inspire his second poem, ‘das lever’.  “They are not only a discreet homage to Wadham but also provide a symbolic connection between the imaginary world of the protagonist and the materiality of his surroundings,” says Tihomir. 

Das Lever is published on page 22 of this collection 

Tihomir Popovic is a Serbian born musicologist and author who joined Wadham SCR from 2019-2020.  He lives with his family in Hanover, Germany, and is currently professor of History and Theory of Music at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland.