Bloomberg New Contemporaries

30th November 2021


Art by Wadham student Laila Majid has been selected for exhibition at Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 at the South London Gallery.

  • Rosie- art installation

    Rosie (2019) Latex print on adhesive vinyl

  • Laila Majid

    Laila Majid (Mst Film Aesthetics, 202?)

The work, Rosie (2019), a 200x260cm latex print on adhesive vinyl, documents the vivid imprint that a sports shoe has left behind on the calf of the wearer, a fleeting mark left on the skin.

Artist and creator Laila Majid (MSt Film Aesthetics, 2021), describes the work: “Photographed with extreme proximity to the body, to a forensic effect, the image superimposes the textures of the trainer on flesh; hair follicles and sewing machine stitching enmeshed in a single surface. This imprinting of the trainer onto the skin suggests a chimeric intermingling as synthetic object and corporeal form are fused. The photograph of this imprint, in which the mass-produced object and human skin are brought together, is both seductive and abject.”

Laila’s work incorporates video, image and sculpture. “My practice can be situated within slimy liminal zones which articulate how the undefinable can be transformative - including those between synthetic and natural, and optic and haptic,” she says.

She explore the ways in which images, objects and surfaces are imbued with and become vessels of desire, considering the ways in which our material and visual cultures both alter and leave traces on and within our bodies. Investigating such transformative processes enables her to interrogate both the boundaries of the corporeal, and the desire to shape-shift beyond these boundaries.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021, opens at the South London Gallery on 10 December 2021  until 20 February 2022. The exhibition presents the work of 75 emerging and early career artists from UK art schools and alternative peer-to-peer learning programmes.

To complement the exhibition, New Contemporaries has produced an exciting online platform to enable audiences to further engage with the artists’ work.