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30th September 2021

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Generous Wadham alumni have donated over £242,000 during our September telephone campaign.

  • Wadham student callers

    Wadham student callers

Wadham’s first telephone campaign since 2019 took place this month.

Thanks to our incredible alumni - and 15 student callers - this year's telephone campaign has so far raised around £242,000 for the 2021 Annual Appeal, with over 300 alumni making a donation.

During the campaign over 500 alumni spoke to student callers engaging in warm conversations about Wadham then and now. Pledges made to students continue to come in, helping us to surpass the totals raised during our 2018 and 2019 telephone campaigns.

Most meaningful has been the rapport between alumni and student callers. Conversations have been full of nostalgia, taken pride in Wadham's values and widening access programme, as well as discussing the new Back Quad buildings and providing career advice.

One alumnus email says: "What a lovely surprise! I too enjoyed our conversation which seemed to pass very quickly - always the sign of a good chat in my book. It's been a real delight to 'meet' you. With excellent people like you around, the College and the future - despite all our current problems - are in very safe hands. I will watch the Gazette for news of your progress, and here's wishing you many glittering prizes in the future."

Student caller Alexandra Wright comments: "Every single alumnus I've had a conversation with … remembers Wadham as being at the forefront of broadening accessibility and welcoming students from different backgrounds. I certainly wasn't expecting to hear this from the alumni who were students 50 or more years ago, and it makes me happy to know that the current ethos of Wadham, which is what first attracted me to the college, is not a recent development but something which so many former students remember as being an integral part of the college's attitude and reputation.”

The tremendous support from alumni comes at a critical juncture. Development Director Julie Hage explains: “We are incredibly grateful to alumni all over the world who has support the College at this critical juncture. The pandemic has disproportionately affected those students and their families from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Many more students than usual will start this year with a financial disadvantage and Wadham is committed to supporting them – and so are our student callers.”

Each year, some financial support is provided through income the College generates from its conference income; however, since March 2019 we have lost several millions of pounds in regular income due to the lockdown. As such we face our greatest need for philanthropic support in recent decades.

Thank you to the hundreds of alumni who participated in this year's telephone campaign. If you missed a call but would like to contribute please donate here