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Keith Dyke

Professor Keith Dyke, Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College

  • Keith Dyke

    Professor Keith Dyke, Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College

Keith Dyke, Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College

Professor Keith Dyke joined Wadham College in 1970 as Fellow by Special Election.  He taught medical students and arranged tuition for Wadham students reading Plant Sciences, Agricultural Science, Psychology and Physiological Sciences.

Keith became Tutor for Biochemistry from 1974 to 2003.  He was Sub-Warden under Stuart Hampshire, Claus Moser and John Flemming.  He was Steward of Common Room for several years and was also Tutor for Graduates (twice), Tutor for Admissions and Senior Tutor.

An undergraduate and graduate at St John's College he completed his Ph D in 1962 and then went on a Rothman's Scholarship to the University of New South Wales to study Staphylococcus aureus.  Returning to Mill Hill, London he worked at the Medical Research Council.  He joined the University of Oxford in 1967 as University Lecturer in Microbiology, becoming Professor in 1996.  Keith became an Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College in 2003.

Keith's research focussed on the molecular biology of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus with special interest in the organism's resistance to antibiotics.  His group studied the transfer of extra chromosomal elements between bacteria, isolating and sequencing the genes conferring resistance to beta la tam antibiotics (penicillins) and to mupirocins.  They determined the system of regulation of the genes concerned with resistance to penicillins and in particular studied the relationship of resistance to methicillin and other penicillins in MRSA.

Keith now enjoys volunteering at the Ashmolean Museum and helping with the programme of the Oxford Civic Society.

Selected Publications

Dyke, K.G.H. Staphylococcal Research - an Overview. Microbiol. (2003). 149, 2697 -2699.

Dyke, K.G.H. and Gregory, P.D. Resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics: resistance mediated by beta-lactamase. (1996). In The Staphylococci in Human Disease editors: Crossley, K.B. and Archer, G.L. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh pp 136-157.

Dyke, K.G.H. and Rowland, S-J. The staphylococcal transposon Tn552 (1990) in Molecular Biology of the Staphylococci Ed Novick, R.P. VCH Publishers, Inc. pp 147 – 164.


Keith Dyke