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David Edwards

Professor David Edwards, Emeritus Fellow in Engineering, Wadham College

MA (BSc, MSc, PhD Brist), CEng, FIET, FRAS

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Professor David Edwards has been an academic for more than twenty years (mostly at Oxford, four at Bristol University) after having spent 12 years in industry (BT).

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David's research activities have been in communications systems, radio imaging, medical imaging and electromagnetic measurements, and superconducting devices. He has authored or co-authored approximately 400 publications including academic papers, books and patents. He enjoys inventing new devices and systems and problem solving and his research has been funded by many bodies, including research councils, industry and government agencies.  

Several commercial products have been derived form his research and he is an acdemic founder and director of Oxford Elecromagnetic Solutions Limited. In addition, David acts as a consultant to industry and outside bodies and collaborates widely within Oxford, the UK and internationally. In College he has served on many committees and in various college offices including Fellow Computing Officer, Tutor for Admissions, and Secretary to the Governing Body. He has served as a Senior Pro-Proctor, a Curator of the Sheldonian Theatre, Faculty Chairman, and is currently the Sub-Warden. David is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IET and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Research Interests
Radio, Cellular Systems, Wireless LANs, Satellite Communications, Optical Communications, Electromagnetic Theory and Measurements, Antennas, Radio Imaging, Medical Imaging, Signal Processing, Radar, Telecommunications, Sensors, HTc Superconducting Microwave Components, Metamaterials, Radio Astronomical instrumentation.