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Terry Eagleton

Professor Terry Eagleton, Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College

Terry Eagleton became an Emeritus Fellow at Wadham in 2014.

Professor Eagleton is internationally celebrated as a literary scholar and cultural theorist. He is Distinguished Professor of English Literature at Lancaster University.

Professor Eagleton was appointed to Wadham in 1969 and he left in 1989, with a huge bibliography to his name, ranging from Marxism, literary criticism, and continental philosophy to critical studies on Dickens, the Brontës and Shakespeare. Eagleton's Literary Theory: An Introduction, which he published in 1983 while teaching at Wadham, is one of the most influential theoretical texts of twentieth-century English studies. Besides this and other monographs on continental theory and thought, Eagleton is famed for his critical interventions in and revisionism of Marxist theory. His prodigious output in the last decade has included creative writing, metacritical works on what he terms the "event" of literature, and autobiographical writing on Irishness and Catholicism.