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Reinhard Strohm

Professor Reinhard Strohm, Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College

  • Reinhard Strohm

Emeritus Professor of Music, Reinhard Strohm has research interests in music history of the 14th to 18th centuries, opera, and postmodern views of musicology.

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Reinhard Strohm studied musicology, violin, Latin, and Romance languages in Munich, Pisa, Milan and Berlin, and obtained his PhD in 1971 at the TU Berlin. From 1970–1982 he collaborated on a critical edition of the works of Richard Wagner.

He taught at King’s College London (1975–1983 and 1990–1996), was Professor of Musicology at Yale University, USA, (1983–1990), and Heather Professor of Music at Oxford University, UK, (1996–2007). Visiting professorships were held at Chicago, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Zurich, and Hamburg. Awards include the Dent Medal (RMA) in 1977 and the Balzan Prize (for Musicology) in 2012.