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Madeleine Chalmers

Madeleine Chalmers, Stipendiary Lecturer in French

  • Madeleine Chalmers

Madeleine Chalmers teaches topics in modern and contemporary French literature, translation and critical thought. 

Her research interests lie in teasing out the relationship between French avant-garde writing from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the ways in which we understand and respond to the phenomena that are shaping our contemporary world: technology, and mental health. 

For more details, see her faculty page.

Selected publications

‘The Surreal Technics of André Breton and Gilbert Simondon’, forthcoming in French Studies, April 2021

‘Living as We Dream: Automatism and Automation from Surrealism to Stiegler’Nottingham French Studies 59: 3, Special Issue: Science, Technology and Culture in Modern & Contemporary France, December 2020

‘(Ré)apprentissage profond: Raymond Roussel face au nonhuman turn’, in Raymond Roussel: merveilleux, sciences (et) fiction, ed. Christophe Reig and Hermes Salceda (Paris: Classiques Garnier), forthcoming 2020 

‘Voice and Presence in L’Ève future and Le Surmâle’, Dix-Neuf, 22:1-2, 115- 129, DOI: 10.1080/14787318.2018.1477293