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Sarah Cullinan-Herring

Dr Sarah Cullinan-Herring, Hody Fellow by Special Election in Classics

  • Sarah Cullinan-Herring

Dr Sarah Cullinan Herring read for a BA and an MSt in Classics at Oriel College, and a DPhil at University College which she completed in 2012.  

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She was a lecturer in Ancient Greek literature at Balliol and Trinity Colleges before moving to Winchester College where she was Head of Classics for several years, during which time she became a qualified teacher.

Her research interests are in epic and Greek lyric poetry.  She is currently preparing a book for publication by OUP entitled The mirror and the lyre: song performance and poetic authority in Greek literature.  

Selected publications:

‘Embedded Song and Poetic Authority in Pindar and Bacchylides’ in Authorship and Greek Song: Authority, Authenticity and Performance, Brill (2017).

An Introduction and Commentary on Aristophanes Acharnians (1-203, 366-392)  in OCR Anthology for Classical Greek AS and A Level, Bloomsbury (2016).

Review of Echoing Hylas: A Study in Hellenistic and Roman Metapoetics (Mark Heerink), University of Wisconsin Press (2015).

Review of Birds in the Iliad (K. Johansson) in Classical Review (2014).

‘Proemic Convention and Character Construction in Early Greek Epic’ in Harvard Studies in Classical Philology (2013).
Eight entries in the Virgil Encyclopedia (eds. Richard Thomas and Jan Ziolkowski). (2013).

‘Eros through the Looking-Glass’ in Ramus vol. 40.2 (2011).