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Heloïse Greeff

Heloïse Greeff, Research Associate

  • Heloïse Greeff

Heloïse Greeff is member of the Computational Health Informatics Lab at the Department of Engineering Science. 

Her work involves creating machine learning algorithms that perform remote health monitoring of rural ‘patients’ in limited-resource settings. This include studies on handpumps in Kenya and Bangladesh, funded by UNICEF, and ICU patients in Vietnam, funded by Wellcome Trust. In 2018, she was named as one of South Africa’s Fifty Inspiring women in tech and, together with her team, won the Oxford Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation award for the Oxford Smart Handpump, as part of her DPhil work. 

Heloïse received her MBA and MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. She also holds an MPhil in Inclusive Innovation from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town as a Bertha Scholar and BSc in Mechatronics Engineering (UCT) as an Allan Gray Orbis Fellow.