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Molly Grace

Dr Molly Grace, Fellow by Special Election in Biology 

  • Molly Grace

Dr Molly Grace joined the Oxford community in 2017, as a NERC Knowledge Fellow in the Department of Zoology and a member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science.

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In 2020, she became a Fellow by Special Election at Wadham, tutoring in Biology. 

Molly's research works to define and measure species recovery. Conservation biology has long focused on predicting and avoiding extinction, such that (until recently), there was no standard way to track species' progress toward recovery. Molly has helped lead the development of the IUCN Green Status of Species, which is a globally applicable framework to describe species recovery status and which complements the world-renowned IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The Green Status of Species draws on fundamental concepts in ecology- e.g., species functionality, viability, variability, and historic distribution. 

Prior to arriving in Oxford, Molly completed a PhD in Conservation Biology at the University of Central Florida (Orlando, USA), where her research focus was in transportation ecology (lethal and sub-lethal impacts of roads on wildlife ecology and behaviour).

When she is not thinking about science, she is an avid consumer of the arts, and you can sometimes catch her onstage as a member of the Oxford Operatic Society.

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