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Max Hodgson

Dr Max Hodgson, Stipendiary Lecturer in History

  • Max Hodgson

Dr Max Hodgson is Stipendiary Lecturer in History at Wadham.

Max’s research focuses on Modern Russia and Britain, with particular interests in the international impact of the Bolshevik Revolution, not least the political, social and cultural interactions of the early Soviet state with Britain.

More broadly, he is interested in histories of transnationalism, socialism, and criminality, while future work focuses on the creation and functions of international epistemic communities among late imperial regimes.

Max studied at the Universities of Exeter, Copenhagen, and Oxford, and gained his PhD at the University of Reading in 2018. Prior to joining Wadham he taught at the University of Reading, and held a lectureship at the University of Buckingham. He is also Departmental Lecturer in 20th Century Russian History at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies.