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Heeyeon Kim

Heeyeon Kim, Junior Research Fellow in Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences.

Heeyeon is a Titchmarsh Research Fellow at Mathematical Institute and joins Wadham as a Junior Research Fellow. 

Her research focuses on studying Quantum Field Theory (QFT), which is the most powerful framework in modern physics that describes elementary interactions of particles and forces. In particular, she is interested in mathematical aspects of supersymmetric QFTs and string theory. She has been studying rich geometrical structure of supersymmetric theories in various space-time dimensions, by developing new tools that allow a systematic study of strongly interacting regions of QFTs.  

Heeyeon completed her PhD in Theoretical Physics at Seoul National University, South Korea. After her PhD, she moved to Canada to continue her research as a postdoctoral research fellow at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. In 2017, she joined the Mathematical Institute at Oxford as a postdoctoral research associate.