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Alexander Kilpatrick

Sandy Kilpatrick, RJP Williams Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry

  • Sandy Kilpatrick

Sandy is re-joining Wadham as the RJP Williams JRF in Chemistry, following his undergraduate years at the college, and his PhD studies at the University of Sussex.

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His research interests lie the field of synthetic organometallic and co-ordination chemistry; designing and making new compounds based on highly reactive metal centres such as titanium and uranium. He is interested in studying the reactivity of these compounds towards small molecules, in particular CO2, and the development of new homogeneous catalysts.

He was awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry regional prize for “most promising PhD student” in 2013 and won 1st prize at the RSC Early Career Symposium for the Energy Sector. His work has been highlighted in magazines Chemistry World and Scientific American and on the front cover of the journal Organometallics.

His new project is part of a collaboration between the O’Hare lab in Oxford and SCG Chemicals in Thailand, developing solid supports for ethylene polymerisation catalysts, which are of great interest to the chemical industry.

When not in the lab, Sandy is a bass player with various bands, and has performed at the Globe theatre, Glastonbury and, more recently, Wadstock festival.