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Emily McLaughlin

Dr Emily McLaughlin is Fellow and Tutor in French

Dr McLaughlin works on contemporary French poetry and philosophy, with a special focus on ecocriticism and ecological thought.

She is particularly interested in the way that writers use practices of formal experimentation to think in innovative ways about notions like subjectivity, community, materiality, and aesthetics. Emily has written on poets such as Yves Bonnefoy, Philippe Jaccottet, and Eugène Guillevic and thinkers such as Henri Bergson and Jean-Luc Nancy. Her new research project explores the emergence of ecological modes of thought in twentieth- and twenty-first-century French poetry.


Emily teaches French language and literature, commenting: “I like teaching a wide range of literary texts (novels, plays, poetry, autobiography, critical and philosophical writings) in the period 1900 to the present day.”

Selected publications


Performative Ontology: Yves Bonnefoy and Jean-Luc Nancy (forthcoming)

The Made and the Found. Essays in Honour of Michael Sheingham, eds. Patrick McGuinness and Emily McLaughlin (Oxford: Legenda, 2017)

Selected Articles:

‘How to Think Like a Plant? Ponge, Jaccottet, Guillevic’, What Forms Can Do (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, forthcoming)

‘“Et que faut-il penser / De ces pommes jaunes?” An Ecocritical Reading of Yves Bonnefoy’s Punctual Colour Work’, French Studies, 71.3 (2017), 348-361

‘The Practice of Writing and The Practice of Living: Michel Deguy’s and Philippe Jaccottet’s Ecopoetics’, Fixxions, 11 (2015)

‘Affirmation without end: Some Syntactical Similarities between the Poetry of Yves Bonnefoy and the Philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy’, L'Esprit créateur, 55 (2015), 110‑122

‘Noli me tangere: Bonnefoy, Nancy, Derrida’, French Forum, 37 (2012), 183-95

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