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Andrew Princep

Andrew Princep, Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellow in Physics

Dr Andrew Princep is the Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellow in Physics.

He received his PhD in Physics in 2012 from the Australian Defence Force Academy, where he studied the behaviour of rare-earth elements using x-rays. Subsequently, he has spent 5 years as a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University with Professors Andrew Boothroyd and Paolo Radaelli. He has also held a post as a Visiting Scientist at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin working with Professor Bella Lake.

Andrew has contributed to a diverse range of experimental physics research using neutron and x-ray scattering to explore emergent electronic and magnetic phenomena in crystalline materials.  In his spare time he enjoys boardgames, horror movies, and power-lifting.

Recent publications

"Coupling of magnetic order to planar Bi electrons in the anisotropic Dirac metals AMnBi2 (A = Sr, Ca)", Guo Y. F., Princep A. J., Zhang X., et al. Phys. Rev. B. 90, 075120 (2014)

"A ferroelectric-like structural transition in a metal" Shi Y., Guo Y., Wang X., et al. Nature Materials 12, 1024-1027 (2013)

"Crystal-field states of Pr3+ in the candidate quantum spin ice Pr2Sn2O7" Princep A. J., Prabhakaran D. Boothroyd A. T. Phys. Rev. B 88, 104421 (2013)

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