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Autumn Rowan-Hull

Dr Autumn Rowan-Hull, Tutor and Lecturer in Anatomy

  • Autumn Rowan-Hull

Dr Autumn Rowan-Hull is a medical tutor at Wadham College and a Lecturer in Anatomy. In addition,  Autumn is a prosector and demonstrator at the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre (MSTC), University of Oxford.

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Dr Rowan-Hull completed a DPhil at University of Oxford, Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics (DPAG) in 2000. Her research topic was investigating the role of mesoderm, an early embryonic tissue, had on early development and patterning of the central nervous system. She then held a Daphne Jackson Fellowship and investigated nerve innervation and patterning of the embryonic limbs in DPAG, before moving on to the Nuffield Department of Surgery (NDS), Paediatric Surgical Group, University of Oxford. The principle research interest at NDS  was focused on mesoderm in pancreas development that led to investigating novel ways of treating diabetes with stem cells. Her current work now centres around Anatomy in the MSTC.

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