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Martin Shotter

Dr Martin D Shotter, Lecturer in Physics

  • Martin Shotter

Martin joined Wadham as a Lecturer in Physics in 2015. He teaches a range of topics including Quantum Mechanics and Mathematical Physics to second and third year undergraduate finals students.

Martin’s research interests lie in investigating and testing the foundational structure of quantum theory. Despite the maturity and tremendous success of quantum theory there are still fundamental issues which have been unresolved since the theory’s inception; prominent amongst these is the nature of the quantum wavefunction, the intersection of quantum, classical and gravitational realms, and the status of Born’s law and wavefunction collapse. Martin looks to refine the theoretical understanding of potential solutions to these issues and to look ahead to future opportunities for experimental investigation in this area.

Martin received his DPhil in Oxford studying the many-body quantum states of ultracold atoms in optical lattices (supervisor: C. Foot). Post DPhil he obtained a Lindemann Fellowship to perform research in the United States, choosing to be based with the Quantum Metrology research group within the National Institute for Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Wadham is Martin’s third Oxford college after St. John’s (MPhys) and Christ Church (DPhil, Senior Scholar).