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Olivia Vázquez-Medina

Dr Olivia Vázquez-Medina, Fellow and Tutor in Spanish

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Olivia Vázquez-Medina is Associate Professor, Fellow and Tutor in Spanish.

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She teaches Spanish American literature from the nineteenth century to the present day, as well as Spanish language and translation. Her research centres on twentieth-century and contemporary Spanish American fiction, with a particular interest in the historical novel, representations of the body, travel narratives, and literary accounts of illness and medicine.

Olivia’s first monograph explored representations of the body in historical fiction by Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia), Fernando del Paso (Mexico) and Augusto Roa Bastos (Paraguay).  She is currently working on a project that examines accounts of physical and mental illness in narratives by authors from Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Argentina.

Selected publications

• Cuerpo, historia y textualidad en Augusto Roa Bastos, Fernando del Paso y Gabriel García Márquez. Madrid-Frankfurt am Main: Iberoamericana-Vervuert, 2013. 235pp.

• ‘Seeing the Insane in Cristina Rivera Garza’s Nadie me verá llorar (1999)’, in Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies 20.2 (2014): 185-209.

• ‘Reading Illness in Gabriel García Márquez’s Del amor y otros demonios’, in Modern Language Review 108.1 (2013): 162-179.     

• 'The Patria's Ravaged Body: Bolívar's Illness in El general en su laberinto', in Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 88.5 (2011): 553-570.