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Juliane Zachhuber

Dr Juliane Zachhuber, Fellow by Special Election in Ancient History

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Juliane joined Wadham in 2019 as Fellow by Special Election in Ancient History. 

She previously held lectureships at other Oxford colleges and at the University of Reading. Her DPhil, MPhil, and BA were all completed at the University of Oxford (DPhil: Lincoln; MPhil and BA: Somerville).

Juliane’s research focuses on Ancient Greek religion and epigraphy, particularly in the Hellenistic period. She is interested in the relationship between epigraphic culture and sacred space, and the manner in which regional varieties in religious practices or beliefs are represented in the epigraphic discourse. Her doctorate was on the religious life of the island of Rhodes, and explored the unique and idiosyncratic organisation, character, and diachronic development of religion (cults, priesthoods, religious associations) in this island-state. She is currently working on publishing this work in the form of a monograph, with a particular focus on what this case-study tells us about Hellenistic religion and how to approach the large body of epigraphic evidence that survives from Rhodes.

Juliane teaches all aspects of Greek and Hellenistic history, as well as a paper on Religions of the Roman Empire. Finally, she been interested in ‘Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World’ for several years, in teaching and also in her research; she published an article on the strange absence of priestesses from Rhodian religion, and the implications for women’s social status in this polis (Kernos 2018).