Paul Elliott

Fellow by Special Election in Biology


Paul has been a group leader at the Department of Biochemistry since autumn 2018 supported by an MRC Career Development Award.

Paul’s laboratory investigates how ubiquitin, a small protein which as its name suggests is ubiquitous, functions to control nearly all cellular processes. He utilises structural biology methods including nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography and cryo electron microscopy, to investigate how ubiquitin functions as a complex code within cells.

Paul obtained his PhD in protein crystallography at the University of Leicester under the supervision of Professor Peter Moody. He then moved to the University of Liverpool as a postdoctoral researcher working with Dr Igor Barsukov and Professor Lu-Yun Lian before moving to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge where he worked with Dr David Komander.

In 2015 Paul was awarded the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award in Signalling and in 2019 Paul was awarded the British Crystallographic Association Early Career Research Prize.

Selected Publications

Elliott PR*, Leske D, Wagstaff J, Schlicher L, Berridge G, Maslen S, Timmermann F, Fisher R, Freund SMV, Komander D*, Gyrd-Hansen M*. (2021) Regulation of CYLD activity and specificity by phosphorylation and ubiquitin binding CAP-Gly domains. Cell. Reports (in press).

Serena M, Bastos RN, Elliott PR, Barr FA. (2020) Molecular basis of MKLP2-dependent Aurora B transport from chromatin to the anaphase central spindle. JCB 219 (7) e201910059.

Stang A, Elliott PR*, Pinto-Fernandez A, Bonham S, Harrison L, Schaub A, Kutzner K, Keusekotten K, Pfluger PT, El Oualid F, Kessler BM, Komander D*, Krappmann D*. (2019) Regulation of the endosomal SNX27-retromer by OTULIN. Nat. Commun. 10 (1) 4320.

Elliott PR. (2016) Molecular mechanisms underlying Met1-linked polyubiquitin specificity. Biochem Soc. Trans. 44 (6) 1581-1602.

Elliott PR, Nielsen SV, Marco-Casanova P, Fiil BK, Keusekotten, K, Freund SMV, Gyrd-Hansen M, Komander D. (2014) Molecular basis and functional consequences of OTULIN-LUBAC interaction. Mol. Cell 54 (3) 335-348.

Keusekotten K$, Elliott PR$, Glockner L, Fiil BK, Damgaard RB, Kulathu Y, Wauer T, Hospenthal MK, Gyrd-Hansen M, Krappmann D, Hofmann K, Komander D. (2013) OTULIN antagonizes LUBAC signaling by specifically hydrolyzing Met1-linked polyubiquitin. Cell 153 (6) 1312-1326.