Sorin Bangu

Visiting Fellow


Sorin Bangu is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen, Norway. He is also involved in the activities of the Wittgenstein Archives Bergen hosted by the Philosophy Dept. Before joining the Dept. as an Associate professor in 2012, Bangu taught at University of Cambridge and at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He received a PhD in philosophy in 2006 from Univ. of Toronto, after he studied mathematics and philosophy in Bucharest (where he's from).

Bangu's main area of competence is contemporary philosophy of science broadly understood. Most of his work is in philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of physics, and very often addresses issues at their boundary. He has longstanding interests in the history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of logic, Quine and especially later Wittgenstein. His main current project is a book manuscript on later Wittgenstein's philosophy of mathematics.