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Hugh Munro

Hugh Munro, Access and Outreach Officer and Acting Tutor for Access

  • Dr Hugh Munro

Dr Hugh Munro looks forward to helping make sure that Oxford attracts the brightest minds, regardless of background. 

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Before joining Wadham in 2017 he worked for a fair access charity called The Brilliant Club that seeks to increase access to top universities by harnessing the PhD community. 

“My own PhD examined people who make a difference in their communities and concluded that it was people at the grassroots who had the most impact.  Putting this into practice, I trained as a primary school teacher and loved my time teaching in Sheffield (my hometown) before relocating to Northamptonshire.  I am passionate about access to university from these formative experiences."

At The Brilliant Club Hugh worked closely with Wadham and many other Colleges and saw the amazing opportunities open to pupils who go on to study in Oxford.

"Widening participation is important to me for two main reasons: I think all teenagers have the right to make an informed decision about their education and at the moment universities like Oxford, are missing a huge amount of talented pupils.”

Find out more about Wadham’s summer schools, aspiration days, sustained schemes and access and outreach events by contacting Hugh at: