Graduate Finance

Graduate fees are course dependent and applicants can use the Fee Calculator available via Student Funding Services to find out how much it will cost.

Fees and Financial Declarations

Fees and Financial Declarations

EU students commencing from 2021 will pay the ‘Overseas’ fees rate, and will no longer be eligible for a government loan. These changes will not apply to Irish nationals living in the UK or Republic of Ireland. See further details on these changes here.

Financial Declarations: In addition to any conditions set by the department or faculty, acceptance by the College is also conditional upon a student supplying written evidence of their ability to meet the course fees for the first year of their course. Full details of the Financial Declaration process can be found here.

Academic-related grants for Wadham students at all levels


  • Grants for students with Declared Disabilities – support towards equipment and photocopying
  • Freshers’ Book Grants
  • Thesis Printing & Binding Grants

Grants are also available to students studying in the following subject areas:

  • Classics, Ancient History and related joint schools – Holbrook & Bickley Rogers Fund
  • Courses with a focus on Persia and the Middle East – Khusraw Eghbal Fund
  • Middle Eastern, Islamic and South Asian Studies – Thomas Family Fund
  • Local history research – Wyndham Fund

Includes grants from the following funds:

  • Support towards course and research related costs in all subjects- Pollard Fund
  • Support towards the cost of elective placements, including travel- Medical Elective Fund

Support for Language Centre Programmes

Support for Language Centre Programmes

The College provides some subsidy for Fast Track courses, General and Academic Pathways and Academic English.

Hardship support

Students experiencing financial pressures as a result of unforeseen changes to their circumstances may apply for support from Government, College and University sources.

Accommodation Support - Living Out Grant

Accommodation Support

Accommodation support includes a Living Out Grant and Living Out Load. Please follow the link above for further details and application forms.

Travel Support

Travel support

Thanks to generous alumni and other donors, Wadham is able to offer a range of travel grants each year. Some of these are for travel to certain areas of the world, or are for specific purposes, whilst others are available to all students.

These grants are intended for travel that is not exclusively related to the applicants’ academic work - for applications relating to research or field trips, or travel to a conference or summer school, please apply for an Academic-related Grant, see details above.

Enquiries to Academic Office via

Support for New Initiatives, Arts, Music and Sport

Support for New Initiatives, Arts, Music and Sport

Includes grants for:

  • New sporting and non-sporting initiatives benefitting the Wadham community - New Initiatives Fund
  • Ongoing sporting and non-sporting activities (existing clubs only) - Amalgamated Clubs Fund
  • Individual sporting activities for those competing at University level and above - C B Fry Fund
  • Personal study in music and the visual arts - Moser Fund

Graduate Achievements and Prizes

Graduate Achievements and Prizes

Wadham College offers on-course achievements and prizes for Graduate students.

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

Find out more about Wadham graduate scholarships offered in 2022/23. These include a range of scholarships awarded as part of the graduate admissions process. Some are limited to specific subject areas, others are potentially available to any new graduate student.

Future Scholarships (not available for 2022 entry)

Future Scholarships

These scholarships are available for future academic years.


Please contact our Graduate Administrator with your questions, naming the scholarship to which your query relates. Please do not send your CV or other materials for consideration unless explicitly directed to do so in the scholarship entries below.