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Why does Oxford University have Colleges? What is a College like? How could I come and see Wadham?

Wadham is working to help you through the decision making process so that you can access the right course and university, thrive during your studies and embark on your chosen career path.

We run a variety of activities working with pupils in primary schools right the way through to sixth form, giving you the opportunity to visit us, meet our students and find all the information you need to make your decisions about higher education.



Open Days

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Join us for an Oxford Open Day when Wadham student guides will show you round the College and answer you questions, you can meet our academics, check out our accommodation and lots more. Find out about our next Open Days or watch a film from our last open day.

Virtual open day

Wadham students

Take a look at our Virtual Open Day, see the questions others are asking. More

Why choose Wadham?

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Our excellent academic reputation, friendly and inclusive atmosphere and central location all make Wadham a perfect location for your studies. More

Contact us to find out more about visiting Wadham or joining one of our programmes.



Women in Science 2021

The image reads 'Jesus, Trinity and Wadham Colleges present: Women in Science. Thursday 17th June 2021. 4-5:30pm online. Hear from students and professional scientists about pursuing sciences at university. Open to Year 12 students studying at UK state sc

Every year we collaborate with Trinity College and Jesus College to run a Women in Science day for female and non-binary students in Year 12. 

This year the program will be running online as a livestream from 4-5:30pm on Thursday 17th June 2021. 

To sign up, please fill in our online application form.

Biology and Human Sciences Summer School

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A five day residential programme in August for students in Year 12. 

Relevant Subjects: Biology, Human Sciences

Find out more about the 2018 Biology Summer School More

Read about the 2019 Biology Summer school More

Applications for the 2021 Summer Schools will close on 31st May 2021. 

Modern Foreign Languages Summer School

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A five day residential programme in August for students in Year 12. 

Relevant Subjects: French, German, Spanish

Applications for the 2021 Summer Schools will close on 31st May 2021.

Classics Summer School

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A five day residential programme in August for students in Year 12. 

Relevant Subjects: Classics, Ancient History, History, Classical Greek, Archaeology

Find out more about the 2018 Classics Summer School More

Read about the 2019 Classics Summer School More

Applications for the 2021 Summer Schools will close on 31st May 2021.

UNIQ Engineering

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Organised through the University of Oxford UNIQ programme this is an Engineering-focussed programme for Year 12 students. More

Politics Summer School

Politics summer school participants

A five day residential programme in August for students in Year 12. More

This Summer School is not longer running. 


Maths summer school students

This is a six week summer residential programme for talented mathematicians from across Europe. More


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Wadham is supporting IntoUniversity's Islington Centre which works to help young people from Islington into higher education. More

IntoUniversity operates more than 20 learning centres across the UK for children of all ages. More

Oxford UNIQ

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UNIQ is a free programme for students in Year 12, run by the University of Oxford. More

Oxford Pathways

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Oxford Pathways provide taster days, study days and higher education guidance for Years 10-13 in Oxford. The programmes are for academically able students from non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford.

What our participants say

“After the summer school I am much more confident that I would fit in at Oxford and feel like I am more ready to move away from home”

“I enjoyed attending the lectures, as I feel it is a different way of learning from sixth form as it allowed me to be more free-thinking”

“Writing the essay allowed me to learn how to be more concise and also being able to adapt my argument to points made in the tutorials”

“I think I have gained a lot more confidence in my ability and faith in my ideas”

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