Study Advice

The College has four Study Advisors who can provide undergraduates with guidance on study skills. 

Study Advisors

Study guidance is not subject-specific, but Study Advisors can help with issues such as time management, organising your reading productively or planning essays.

Meetings with Study Advisors are arranged by referral. Please don't hesitate to contact your College Tutor, or The Tutor for Undergraduates, Dr Jane Griffiths (, or the Welfare Team (; to be referred. 

Anna Ventouratou 
Subjects: Humanities/Social Sciences

Levi Hord 
Subjects: Humanities

Kate Sim 
Subjects: Social Sciences

Olivia Glaze

Subjects: Humanities

Getting to know the Study Advisors

Anna (she/her): 'I am a DPhil student and tutor in Public International Law. My research focuses on legal defences in international adjudication. This is my fourth year at the University of Oxford. Before the DPhil, I did the Magister Juris (MJur) and the MPhil in Law. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece where I completed my undergraduate studies in Law and an LL.M. in Public International Law, as well as my legal traineeship specialising in domestic criminal law. In 2016, I was admitted to practice law in Greece. Each of these steps had its own challenges in terms of studying, revising, memorising, organising notes and ideas, writing essays, time and stress management. I would be very happy to share my experience and chat about anything at all related to your studies! Feel free to get in touch!'

Levi (they/their): 'I’m currently reading for an MSc in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology. I was also at Wadham for my first MSt, in Women’s Studies, for which I now co-instruct the Approaches to Research seminar. My research focuses on changes to contemporary gender identity using critical theory, queer theory, and feminist philosophy. I come from an interdisciplinary background and have studied everything from history to politics to literature to German language, and have study strategies for a wide range of scenarios. Having moved to the UK from Canada last year, I also understand the stress of study when you’re in a new or overwhelming situation. My friends spend a lot of time poking fun at me for my detailed organisational charts, study plans, and motivation hacks, which I’m now happy to get to share with you!'

Kate (she/her): 'I am a fourth year Dphil Candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute where I research the ethical, social, and political implications of data- and AI-driven sexual harassment reporting systems. Beyond my research, I work closely with anti-violence practitioners, policymakers, and technologists across areas of ethics, law, policy, and social science. I hold a MSc from my current department and a BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Harvard.'

Olivia (she/her): I am a second year DPhil student within the Modern and Medieval Languages faculty, studying modern Portuguese literature. My research is primarily concerned with the gendered traumatogenic effects of the Colonial War on the body, and the body as a disruptive site of memory in post-imperial Portuguese texts. I hold an Mst in Modern Languages from Oxford, a BA in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Southampton, and have been a visiting student at the Universidade do Porto. Feel free to get in touch with any study problems that you’re experiencing or if you need a little direction with work and revision strategies - I’m happy to help!


Please help us by giving feedback on the support provided by the Study Advisors. You may email the Graduate Administrator or send your feedback to the Academic Office labelled 'Attention: Graduate Administrator'. All feedback will be anonymized before being shared.

Study skills resources

  • Visit section Z of the Wadham Library.
  • Wadham's Undergraduate Freshers' Study Guide
  • The University's Study skills and training page includes advice on the following topics: Plagiarism, Managing your workload, Research and library skills, Referencing, Revision and examinations, and Tutorials at Oxford.
  • The University Counselling Service's Supportive resources page includes study-related podcasts as well as a section on Academic life.
  • The Department of Continuing Education's Study skills for students page includes online skills guides for current students (single sign on required) and a list of recommended study skills texts.
  • The Student Advice page of the Oxford University Students' Union
  • The Study Skills Centre at LMH has a page listing useful resources (but please note we are not linked with them for support sessions).

Preparing for Exams

The resources below are highly recommended for all students preparing for exams.

Examination and Revision Podcasts produced by the University

  1. Part 1: Getting the right mind set 
  2. Part 2: Exam preparation and revision
  3. Part 3: The exam itself - during and after

Work-related podcasts and others on a variety of topics, written for Oxford students, are available from the University. 

Further Useful Links

Getting into the right mindset
  • Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend (Ted Talk)  
  • Headspace: Headspace is a gym membership for the mind. A course of guided meditation, delivered via an app or online.
  • A variety of free relaxation podcasts can be found at the Mental Health Foundation's website.
  • CBT website, Centre for Clinical Interventions, workbooks: Put off Procrastinating; What me worry?; Perfectionism in Perspective. 
Planning and revision
General helpful references
  • “The study skills handbook” by Stella Cottrell
  • “Passing exams without anxiety” by David Acres
  • “How to Pass Exams Every Time” by Mike Evans


“My contact with the [G]SAs was invaluable; it helped to prioritise revision topics, organise how to go about revising and to discuss concerns…I would recommend them to everyone”.

Come talk with a Study Advisor and see how they can help you!

Study Skills Workshops

You are invited to attend the Study Skills Workshops running throughout the academic year. Through these workshops Dr Margaret Coombe, Director of the Oxford Study Skills Centre at LMH, covers a variety of topics. Bring your questions.

Michaelmas 2019

Time Management for First Years
5-6pm on Thursday 7th November (4th Wk)

How best to use the Christmas holidays
5-6pm on Tuesday 3rd December (8th Wk)

Hilary Term 2020

Time Management for Second Years
5-6pm on Thursday 6th February (3rd Wk)

Session for finalists
5-6pm on Thursday 27th February (6th Wk)
CHANGED TO: **Moser Theatre**

Trinity Term 2020

FPE-pre session
5-6pm on Friday 22nd May (4th Wk)

How best to use the Long Vac
5-6pm on Wednesday 10th June (7th Wk)