Course fees for UK/EU undergraduates on all courses at the University of Oxford are currently £9,000 or £9,250 a year depending on the year of entry. However, provided they have taken out a student loan, UK and EU students only need to start paying back their course fees once they have graduated and are earning over £25,725 a year. Furthermore, Oxford is able to offer bursaries to many of its students, and offers the most generous financial support of any university to those on a family income of £42,875 or less.

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Details of financial support that is available to assist with the costs of an undergraduate course can be found here on the Undergraduate Admissions pages of the Oxford University website.

Course fees for overseas undergraduates (those outside the UK/EU) and all graduate students will vary depending on their course and country of residence. You can work out the cost of any course of interest to you by using the university’s Fees and Funding calculators for undergraduates and for graduates.

Undergraduate Finance

The College is committed to ensuring that all Home and European Union students, regardless of income or background, can afford to come to the University. Currently all Home and European Union students pay £9,000 or £9,250 per year, depending on the year of entry (as at most other universities). Students can access a loan from the UK government for the full amount of their course fee and, provided they take this opportunity, they do not need to pay any course fees upfront; repayment of the student loan only begins after a former student has graduated and is earning over £27,750 per year. Further information on fees and bursaries can be found at Student Funding.

Students from overseas usually have different funding arrangements to those from the UK and EU. Further information on fees and funding for international students can be found in the university’s Undergraduate Prospectus.

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University help

Oxford University is able to provide financial assistance to some UK students, dependent on their household income, in the form of bursaries; full details of the financial support which is available can be found here. There are undergraduate scholarships available to UK applicants, such as the Crankstart Scholarships, as well as a limited number of scholarships for overseas students. Wadham College is also able to offer a number of academic-related grants specifically to support undergraduate students.

NUS advice

Further advice on financial support for undergraduates can be found on the website of the National Union of Students.

Graduate Finance

Fees: The course fee charged is dependent on course and applicants should use the Fee Calculator available via Student Funding Services in order to determine it. 

Financial Declarations: In addition to any conditions set by the department or faculty, acceptance by the College is also conditional upon a student supplying written evidence of their ability to meet the course fees for the first year of their course. Full details of the Financial Declaration process can be found here.

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The University provides a Funding Search of graduate scholarships available to home, EU, and overseas students.

NPC advice
Further advice on securing financial support for undertaking graduate study can be found on the website of the National Postgraduate Committee.

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Living Costs

Living Costs

Living costs

Oxford University estimates that living costs for UK students (graduate and undergraduates) currently amount to between £9,525 and £14,790 per year based on nine months subsistence or £12,698 to £19,721 based on twelve months; details on how these figures were determined can be found here.

Collegiate support

In many ways the Collegiate structure helps the University to support students financially: 

College accommodation and short terms combine to make rent manageable; college meals, available to all, are subsidized; college libraries, in addition to the University libraries, provide most core and many supplementary texts; college facilities, including common room and bar, make socializing less expensive; a small city centre keeps transport costs low (and cyclists fit); and finally, the College offers, in addition to University and Government grants, its own student support funds and scholarships.

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Subsidised accommodation

Subsidised accommodation

From MT 2019 Wadham College will generally offer College-owned accommodation to all its undergraduates either in college or the Dorothy Wadham Building or Merifield. This accommodation is competitively priced. A living-out grant is also available each year to all students (generally graduates) who are not offered College-owned accommodation. 

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