Wadham admits a substantial cohort of graduate chemistry students each year, who undertake work in a wide variety of the research groups operating within the university.

  • Chemistry


Wadham admits students for the following graduate courses:

DPhil & MSc(Res) in Organic Chemistry
DPhil & MSc(Res) in Inorganic Chemistry
DPhil & MSc(Res) in Theoretical and Physical Chemistry
DPhil & MSc(Res) in Chemical Biology

The College also admits students undertaking research in the University's various Centres for Doctoral Training, for instance the CDTs in Synthetic Biology, Synthesis for Biology and Medicine, and Theory and Modelling in Chemical Sciences.

The Tutors

Wadham has three Tutorial Fellows in Chemistry. Professor Paul Beer is an inorganic chemist with research interests in the synthesis of novel host compounds designed to complex metal cations and anionic guest species of environmental, biological and medical importance. Professor Darren Dixon conducts research in the field of organic synthesis. Professor Stephan Rauschenbach is a physical chemist whose research interests lie in preparative mass spectrometry.

The College also has two Junior Research Fellows in Chemistry; Lydia Gilday and Alexander Kilpatrick.