Latin American Studies

Wadham welcomes applications from well-qualified students for the MSc/MPhil in Latin American Studies.

  • Detail from ‘Presencia de America Latina’ by Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, University of Concepcion, Chile, via Wikimedia Commons

Although teaching for the MSc and MPhil degrees is provided centrally, Wadham provides a supportive and stimulating interdisciplinary environment for graduate students, both through interactions with other graduate students in related fields and through the presence of a college advisor with a strong commitment to the region and its languages.

The MSc and MPhil in Latin American Studies are taught by staff from both the Humanities and Social Science Divisions with research interests in the region. Further details of these courses can be found here:

Latin American studies are a key feature of Wadham’s intellectual life and history. Currently, the Fellow and Tutor in Spanish is Dr Olivia Vázquez-Medina; her research centres on twentieth-century and contemporary Spanish American fiction, with a particular interest in the historical novel, representations of the body, travel narratives, and literary accounts of illness and medicine. The Fellow in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies is Claudia Pazos Alonso, who is a specialist in gender studies, having coedited volumes such as Closer to the Wild Heart: Essays on Clarice Lispector and, most recently, Reading Literature in Portuguese. She welcomes applicants with an interest in any aspect of Brazilian culture, history and society.