Medical Sciences

Wadham is home to a large community of graduate medical students, both clinical medics and those undertaking research degrees in medical sciences (Masters and DPhil).

  • Pills and syringes by Jim Friedman, Wellcome Images

    Pills and syringes by Jim Friedman, Wellcome Images

The majority of Wadham’s undergraduate (pre-clinical) medical students choose to stay at Wadham as graduate (clinical) medical students, and become members of the MCR. We also welcome postgraduate students in medically related disciplines who come to read masters or doctoral degrees in subjects ranging from the Basic Medical Sciences through to Clinical Medicine, and students in the Doctoral Training Centres for Biomedical Engineering and Computational Biology. Wadham has an active Medical Society where undergraduate, graduate students and alumni from diverse biomedical backgrounds meet and exchange ideas and socialise.

Further information about studying graduate courses in Medical Sciences can be found here:

The Fellows

Wadham has a strong presence in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Oxford. It has two Tutorial Fellowships, one in Physiology (Professor Andrew Farmery), and one in Experimental Pathology (Professor Monika Gullerova). In addition, there are Professorial Fellows in Microbiology (Professor Susan Lea), Clinical Pathology (Professor Nick Athanasou), Rheumatology (Professor Fiona Powrie), Trauma Rehabilitation (Professor Sallie Lamb), and the Post-Graduate Dean (Dr Michael Bannon). The College currently has a Junior Research Fellow in Biomedical Physics (Dr Jack Miller).

Professor Farmery is a Respiratory Physiologist and teaches Physiology and Pharmacology. His research group works on the area of biomedical engineering, developing novel intravascular sensors and analytical techniques to detect and monitor disordered physiology of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems in the critically ill. It is funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the National Institute of Health Research. He is head of the Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics and also a practicing consultant anaesthetist.

Professor Lea is primarily interested in what structural biology can help us understand about the way in which pathogens and their hosts first encounter each other. More recently this work has led to potential therapeutic opportunities with structures suggesting opportunities for novel vaccination strategies.

Professor Athanasou is a consultant histopathologist with an interest in all aspects of the physiology and pathology of bone and joint tissues, particularly osteoclast pathobiology.

Professor Powrie is Director of Oxford’s Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and is an immunologist with a special interest in inflammatory diseases of the gut.

Professor Sallie Lamb is codirector of the Oxford Clinical Trials Research Institute and is a medical statistician with an interest in rehabilitation after musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr Michael Bannon is a community paediatrician who, as Post-Graduate Dean for Medical Education in the Thames Valley has oversight of all post-qualification training for doctors working in the area.

In addition to the medical Fellows, Wadham has a number of Tutorial and Professorial Fellows in related disciplines such as Biochemistry, Psychology and Biomedical Engineering.

Medical Sciences Courses at Wadham

We offer places for the following courses:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Clinical Medicine/2nd BM)

DPhil & MSc (Res) in Clinical Medicine
DPhil & MSc (Res) in Medical Sciences
DPhil & MSc (Res) in Surgical Sciences
DPhil & MSc (Res) in Musculoskeletal Sciences
DPhil & MSc (Res) in Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics
DPhil & MSc (Res) in Oncology
DPhil & MSc (Res) in Pathology
DPhil, MSc (Res) and MSc in Pharmacology
DPhil in Biomedical Sciences: NIH-OU
DPhil in Cardiovascular Medicine

DPhil in Cardiovascular Science
DPhil in Structural Biology
DPhil in Ion Channels and Disease
DPhil in Infection, Immunology & Translational Medicine
DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics
DPhil in Chromosome Biology
DPhil in Biomedical & Clinical Sciences

You may also be interested in the courses covered on our Biochemistry, Engineering and Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience pages.

Wadham College Medical Society

The College has an active Medical Society run by our students. There is also a senior section of the society, run principally by the old members who take an interest and raise money to subsidise social activities and travel grants.