Modern Languages

Wadham has one of the largest communities of linguists - both Fellows and students - in Oxford.

The Courses

Wadham admits students for the MSt, MPhil and DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages, the MSt and MPhil in Slavonic Studies and the MSt in Yiddish Studies. Further details of all these courses can be found on the website of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.

The College also accepts applications for the interdisciplinary MSt in Film Aesthetics and MSt in Women's Studies, which are of interest not only to our tutors in Modern Languages, but also those in History and English Literature.

Wadham's Modern Languages tutors also welcome applications for the degrees offered in Russian & East European Studies and Latin American Studies. Those interested in studying non-European languages at graduate level will find further information here.

The Tutors

Wadham has Tutorial Fellows in French (Dr Emily McLaughlin and Emeritus Fellow Professor Christina Howells), Spanish (Dr Olivia Vázquez-Medina), Russian (Professor Philip Bullock) and German (Dr Carolin Duttlinger). In addition, the College has a Senior Research Fellow in Portuguese (Dr Claudia Pazos Alonso) and Lecturers in Modern Greek (Dr Dimitris Papanikoalaou) and Italian (Professor Guido Bonsaver).