Oriental Studies

Wadham has a strong tradition in Oriental Studies, at both undergraduate and graduate level, and admits students for a wide range of courses in this field.

  • Painting of Tang dynasty general Qi Jiguang
    Image by Thomas Chen via Wikimedia Commons 

The Courses

Wadham admits graduate students for the following courses:

DPhil/MSt Oriental Studies

MPhil Modern Chinese Studies
MSc Contemporary Chinese Studies
MSt Chinese Studies
MPhil/MSc Modern Japanese Studies
MSt Japanese Studies
MSt Korean Studies
MPhil Tibetan & Himalayan Studies
MPhil/MSt Modern South Asian Studies

MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies
MSc Modern Middle Eastern Studies
MPhil Islamic Studies & History
MPhil/MSt Islamic Art & Archaeology

MSt Jewish Studies
MPhil/MSt Modern Jewish Studies
MPhil/MSt Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period
MSt Classical Hebrew Studies

MSt Classical Armenian Studies

Further details of most of these courses can be found on the website of the Faculty of Oriental Studies; the exceptions are the MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies and the MPhil/MSc in Modern Japanese Studies.

The Tutors

The College has two Tutorial Fellows in Oriental Studies - Dr Margaret Hillenbrand (Chinese) and Dr Dominic Brookshaw (Persian) - as well as a Professorial Fellow in Iranian Studies, Professor Edmund Herzig.

Library Resources

The College Library provides subjects such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Persian with specialist books. The Chinese section, having been built up over many years, offers a valuable alternative to the Faculty Library in the Institute for Chinese Studies. The College Persian Library, which is of national importance, will be of particular interest to graduates researching in this field.