Russian & East European Studies

Wadham welcomes applications from well-qualified students for the MSc/MPhil in Russian and East European Studies.

  • Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin (1961-1990)
    Picture by Henry Robbert via Wikimedia Commons

Although teaching for the MSc and MPhil degrees is provided centrally, Wadham provides a supportive and stimulating interdisciplinary environment for graduate students, both through interactions with other graduate students in related fields and through the presence of a college advisor with a strong commitment to the region and its languages.

The MSc and MPhil in Russian and East European Studies are taught by staff from both the Humanities and Social Science Divisions with research interests in the region. Further details of these courses can be found here:

Russian and East European Studies are a key feature of Wadham’s intellectual life. Currently, the Fellow and Tutor in Russian is Professor Philip Ross Bullock, who has research interests in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature, culture and music, as well as in gender studies, the history of sexuality and issues of translation, reception and cultural exchange. Historically, Wadham has always had a particularly strong focus on the study of modern languages, and has since extended this to include support for postgraduates working in area studies more generally (see, for instance, our website entry on Latin American Studies).