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Wadham College welcomes applications for graduate study in a wide range of subjects, resulting in a diverse student body. We have around 150 graduates in residence, studying for a range of research degrees and taught courses; three quarters come from universities other than Oxford.

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To see whether Wadham considers applications for graduate study in your subject, please use the 'Oxford Graduate Courses' link below. Once you select a course from the list, the 'Colleges' tab will display a list of all colleges which consider students from the course. If you are in any doubt about whether we offer your course then please contact the College.

For more information on graduate studies at Oxford please see the University of Oxford Graduate Studies Prospectus (link below). Course-specific queries about graduate admissions should be directed to departments/faculties. General queries about College involvement in graduate admissions may be directed to

Oxford Graduate Courses Graduate Studies Prospectus Middle Common Room (MCR)

Some graduate students find expressing a preference for a specific college on their application less pressing than undergraduates, as their academic focus is predominantly within their department or faculty. Nonetheless, most  graduates offered a place here appreciate Wadham’s informality, its relaxed atmosphere, and its mix of the historic environment of a 400-year-old establishment with the open-minded, progressive and socially-aware attitude of a forward-thinking community.

Given that research can be an isolating and individually-focused pursuit, a lively and active graduate community is an important way to meet people outside your discipline and to balance academic pursuits with social activities. The Wadham Middle Common Room (MCR) is both the name for the graduate community and the space they occupy within the MacCall-McBain Graduate Centre.

Each year, an MCR Committee is elected to represent the opinions and needs of the graduate community in the College and in the University. Graduate students are also members of the Students’ Union and the MCR President serves as an SU committee member, and attends meetings of the College’s Governing Body along with the SU President.

Together with the College's Head of House, Lord Macdonald (QC), the MCR organizes regular research seminars, where College members present and discuss their research with fellow graduates and tutors in order to promote interdisciplinary understanding and discover more about each other’s work.

Graduate and undergraduate relations at Wadham are probably the best in Oxford, as the two groups try to integrate as much as possible. Thus graduate and undergraduate students sit and mix freely at dinner in Hall, in the College bar, and at the fortnightly SU parties. MCR members are also actively involved in everything from College sport and drama to regular salsa dancing lessons and poetry readings.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the MCR website.

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Graduate Admissions Selection Criteria for Wadham College

College financial declaration
  • Applications are considered for any of the courses in which the College offers admission.
  • Applicants must first have been accepted by a Department or Faculty of the University of Oxford before any college may consider them.
  • Applications are usually considered by academic staff in the relevant subject area.
  • Preference will normally be given to applicants whose area of study overlaps with the academic interests of the College's academic staff.
  • The College aims to admit a certain number of graduate students each year spread across the range of subjects in which it accepts graduate students, and this will determine the number of offers which can be made to applicants. Where there are more applicants than offers which can be made, the relative academic merit and potential of the applicants may be taken into account. It may not be possible to make offers to applicants whose applications are received late in the admissions round, when places are full.
  • The possession of competitively-won funding may be taken into account as an indicator of the applicant's academic merit and potential.
  • The final decision on whether to offer a place in the light of the overall competition for graduate places and the spread of those places across subject areas is usually taken by the Tutor for Graduates.
  • Please note that any offer of a place will be subject to satisfactory financial evidence that the applicant can meet the tuition fees for the first year of their course. Please consult the University's guidance on the college Financial Declaration for further details.
  • Preference may be given to current or past students of the College who meet the selection criteria described above.

Graduate Contract

After graduate applicants have met all the academic and financial conditions of their offer, they will be asked to complete and return a copy of the college's student contract prior to beginning their course. A copy of the most recent version of the student contract can be found below. The contract refers to the College handbook, which can be found here. The College Handbook is updated from time to time in a process involving current students, and all students then become bound by the updated version.

Applicants with Disabilities

Wadham welcomes students with disabilities. We advise candidates who are considering making an application to contact the Academic Office on 01865 287460 or in advance to discuss your requirements. It is also often useful to visit the College to discuss any adjustments which we can make.

Further information and contacts

Graduate Finance

Graduate accommodation

Building project

Wadham is creating a state-of-the art Undergraduate Centre on its main site, including a new Junior Common Room (JCR), as well as an Aspiration Centre for access and outreach events such as summer schools and aspiration days. 

This exciting project commenced in summer 2018 and it is hoped that the new buildings will open in autumn 2020.  The contractor is scheduling works to minimise disruption to College members as far as possible. Further details

McCall MacBain Graduate Centre

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