Wadham College - Virtual Open Day 2020

Message from the Warden

Due to the Coronavirus and the consequent cancellation of our open days, we are massively disappointed not to be able to welcome prospective candidates, their families and teachers to our open days. We understand what a useful experience open days are for those trying to decide on which college to apply to. However, with the help of our staff and students, we have collated some materials below which we hope you will find useful.

There will be the opportunity for you to text your questions directly to either our students ambassadors or our admissions staff live via the University's Wadham College Virtual Open Day page. The student sessions will be manned from 10 am - 5 pm (with a break of one hour from 1 pm); the admissions staff will be available to answer questions all day from 9 am to 5 pm. 

If you have any questions that are not addressed in the materials provided here, or are too complex to pose via the live text Q & A, please feel free to email our Admissions Office: admissions@wadham.ox.ac.uk

With all good wishes,

Ken Macdonald, Warden

Introducing Wadham College

Watch our short introduction video to Wadham College.

Play picture of statues in front quad

Why Choose Wadham?

Watch our video on why you might choose Wadham College.

Play Why Choose Wadham?

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Wadham Student Voices - Video Series

Watch our series of interviews with current students which will give you an insight into their individual experiences on being admitted to Wadham and their academic and social lives at the College.

You can pose your questions to our students on our live chat site here.

Choosing a College

See what our students had to say here.

Academic Life

See what our students have to say about academic life and, in particular, the tutorial system here.

And what a typical day is like as an Arts / Sciences student here.

Life at Wadham

See what the Wadham students have to say about being part of their College community here.

Wadham's Clubs and Societies

See what our students have to say about Wadham's clubs and societies here.

College Tour 360

Open days are usually a great opportunity for would-be students to explore the College's facilities in detail. Since we are unable to offer this service at the moment, why don't you take the 360 degree Wadham tour here?

Here are a few specific links to 360 views around the College:

Wadham Bedroom 1

Wadham Bedroom 2

Wadham's Library

Wadham's dining hall

The Fellow's Garden 

Moser Theatre 


Wadstock in the Fellows' Garden

Wadstock in the Fellows' Garden

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Useful links

Clubs and Societies

It’s not all hard work and study. Click here for a list of the University’s registered clubs and societies. And here for a list of Wadham’s!

6 ways Oxford Interviews are like Tutorials

Please see our short video on tutorials and how they compare to Oxford Interviews.

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