On average four students are admitted each year to read Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at Wadham. It is essential that applicants have a good knowledge and understanding of chemistry as well as some aptitude for mathematics. Applications from people who have studied uncommon combinations of subjects are welcome (but they must include Chemistry, plus another science or Maths to A-level or equivalent). Detailed admissions criteria are listed here.

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The Course: MBiochem Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular

Details of the scope of the Oxford Biochemistry course and the organisation of university examinations are given on the Department website and in the University Prospectus.

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Teaching Structure
Undergraduates participate in one tutorial per week. A tutorial usually consists of discussion of the undergraduate's essay together with development of the set subject. In the fourth year the pattern changes and the tutor discusses the research topic being undertaken for Part II.

The Tutors
The senior Biochemistry Tutor is Professor Ben Berks whose research interests are protein transport, microbial energy metabolism, bacterial cell biology and membrane protein structure/function. Additional specialist teaching is provided by Dr David Staunton and experts from outside the College.

A student's perspective

Current Fellows and Lecturers

Professor Ben Berks (Tutorial Fellow)

Dr David Staunton (Lecturer)

Dr Julie Stevens (Lecturer)