Wadham College Student Handbook

Things every student needs to know.

Terms 2019/20

Michaelmas 2019: Sunday, 13 October - Saturday, 7 December
Hilary 2020: Sunday, 19 January - Saturday, 14 March
Trinity 2020: Sunday, 26 April - Saturday, 20 June


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Warden's preface

Whether you are a fresher or a returning student, I want to welcome you warmly to Wadham. This celebrated College is a tolerant, inclusive community with distinguished scholarship and learning at its heart. We expect you to study hard during your time with us and to take all the opportunities that Wadham will certainly offer as you broaden your knowledge and stretch your minds over the next years. Each one of you is here because we believe that you have the ability and the potential to benefit from the array of intellectual possibilities that the College offers to its undergraduate and graduate members.

As well as being a community of scholars, Wadham is a home to its students and a place that is full of activity and promise. You will make lifelong relationships here and we want everyone to enjoy a happy and a liberal environment where people are friends, treating each other, and the College itself, with respect. It is for that reason that this online handbook sets out some of the rules and conventions that govern life at Wadham. Their purpose is to provide a setting in which we may all live and work harmoniously together within these beautiful buildings and gardens. Please let me know if you have any observations.

In the meantime, I very much look forward to seeing you all in the coming year.

Lord Macdonald of River Glaven Kt QC, Warden

A guide to College administration
Key College people, committees and governance structure.

Academic facilities
The College Library, computing facilities and the McCall MacBain Graduate Centre.

General information for all students
Term dates, absence, residency, contact details, living out, forwarding mail, registration, suspension, matriculation and academic dress.

Academic matters - Graduate students
Academic provision, College advisors, Tutor for graduates, Graduate supervision system, Financial support, Exam prizes, Senior scholarships, Graduate support fund, Continuation fee, Examinations, Alternative examination arrangements, Disability, Course transcripts, Graduation, Transfer from taught to research course.

Academic matters - Undergraduates
Work, progress, examinations, collections, discipline, plagiarism, disabilities, dyslexia, learning difficulties, feedback, changing course, suspension, withdrawal, financial support, vacation grants, prizes, graduation, transcripts, going on to postgraduate work.

Domestic arrangements
Accommodation, domestic staff, recycling, cooking, electrical appliances, storage, energy, laundry, meals, bar and guests.

Health, safety and welfare
Medical help, welfare support and facilities, in an emergency, safety in College.

College facilities
Rooms, sports, equipment and more.

Decanal matters
Discipline, noise, bicycles, vandalism, attendance, gardens, gates, animals, parties...

Policies, regulations and codes.

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