Academic facilities

The College Library

The College Library is normally open twenty-four hours a day throughout the year, except for a short period over Christmas and the New Year. The magnetic lock on the entrance door is operated with your University card. The main library holdings are catalogued on the SOLO on-line catalogue, which also gives access to the holdings of other libraries around the University. Books may be borrowed for a fortnight in term or for the vacation. Before using the Library, you will need to attend an induction session with the Librarian, Tim Kirtley, or the Assistant Librarian, Francesca Heaney.

The Library

The Library offers both wireless and ethernet web access, and provides desk space over three floors as well as an attractive mezzanine ‘beanbag’ seating area, and a separate discussion room for group study. The Library houses a working collection of undergraduate texts across all subject areas, including multiple copies of core texts; staff welcome new suggestions. A rare book collection is also available to consult, by appointment.

Demand on books is high so please avoid taking out more than you are sure to use within a few days. Please return them immediately they are no longer needed and please make sure that you always renew any books that you do want to keep using.  The Library operates an automated book security system at the library entrance that includes the use of CCTV, which helps to ensure that all books taken out of the Library are borrowed legitimately.

The Library also houses a specialist collection of Persian material comprising both books and manuscripts, for use by those with a legitimate interest in this area. If you would like to apply for access to this section, please contact the Librarian, who will give you an application form which should be counter-signed by your tutor or supervisor.

Computing facilities

Wadham has a range of IT facilities available for College members to use. Facilities include computers located in the SC19 College Computer Rooms (CCR), Merifield and the Graduate Centre. Information stored within the Documents folder of a user's accounts is backed up nightly and all computers have access to the University network and internet. The computers run Windows 10 and have common applications such as Office installed.


College members can use the site-wide wireless to gain access to the University network and internet. Eduroam is a University wide wireless service and details on how to connect your device can be found at IT Services.

Scanning and printing facilities are available. Mono printing is charged at 5p for a single-sided sheet and 7p for duplex. Printers are located in the CCR, Merifield computer room, Graduate Centre and Library. The Library and CCR photocopiers can print in colour and it costs 20p for a single sheet and 34p for duplex. Most of the photocopiers (Library, Graduate Centre and CCR) offer A3 printing which is twice the price of A4 printing. Each student is given £10 credit at the start of the academic year. Usage over this amount is charged to Battels on a termly basis. Printing can be sent to any of the photocopiers via the website and you collect your print-offs by presenting your University card to the appropriate machine.

Access to the CCR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Personal computer accounts are accessed using your SSO or Nexus email credentials. As with the Library, entry is strictly controlled and requires a valid University card. All personal data stored on the College systems is automatically deleted two months after a user's University card expires.

A number of computers are available in the College Library which allows access to SOLO, the Oxford Library Online Catalogue.

College members can connect their personal computers to the Wadham Network. When connecting to the wired network all users must first register their device, agree to the College Acceptable Use Policy and undertake a scan to ensure that the device is compliant with IT security requirements: a fully supported operating system, the latest service pack and up-to-date antivirus software are installed.

Wadham IT will provide support for connecting personally owned computers to the network. Support for other issues is provided on a best efforts basis. It is imperative that users connecting to the network are proactive with regard to the security of their personally owned machines. This includes the regular installation of updates for both operating systems and antivirus software.

It is strictly prohibited to illegally download copyright material. If the University receives a copyright infringement notice for a College member this matter will be dealt with very seriously. The individual will have their remote access account disabled. They will need to prove that the offending material has been removed from their device. The University's £50 administrative charge will be passed to the offender. Once this is all complete the remote access account will be enabled. Repeat offenders will be referred to the Dean.

The College employs three full-time IT members of staff to provide support and assistance. Computing provisions are overseen by the IT Team with out-of-hour’s assistance from a Graduate Computing Assistant. IT staff are located in rooms 5 & 6 of Holywell Court and can be contacted on 77594, 77988 and 77995 during working hours, or by email to The Graduate Computing Assistant is to be contacted via the Lodge.

Whilst broad in their range of knowledge, the college IT provisions is a supplement to facilities available from individual departments and IT Services.


The McCall MacBain Graduate Centre

The McCall MacBain Graduate Centre is a dedicated facility for Wadham’s graduate students. The Graduate Centre provides a modern, year-round, centrally-located study space to both taught and research students, and social space to which all MCR members are welcome.

Graduate centre

(a) Access
The Graduate Centre is located in a Grade II listed building, formerly the Blackwell’s Music Shop. It can be accessed via the entrance building in the Back Quad. Enter the entrance building through the main doors and go across the bridge to the Graduate Centre. Alternatively, enter the entrance building and descend the stairs, or use the lift, to enter via the basement level (the quick access to the MCR). The stairs and lift in the entrance building also go to the second floor, to access the roof terrace garden, and top floor where a small seminar room is located (Tower Room). A key can be signed out from the Lodge to access the Tower Room via the lift.

(b) Eligible users
The Graduate Centre is open to all currently enrolled graduate students at Wadham College; this includes students enrolled on postgraduate certificate and diploma courses, as well as those on Masters courses and research degrees. The Graduate Centre is also open to all fourth-year undergraduate students. Entry to the Centre is strictly controlled by a magnetic card lock on each level operated with a current, valid, University card. A University card must be carried at all times and must be shown when requested by a member of staff.

Eligible users are welcome to bring guests into the social areas, but guests are not permitted in the library. Children are not permitted in the Graduate Centre or on the roof terrace at any time for safety reasons.

(c) Opening hours
The Graduate Centre is normally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year, except for a short period over Christmas and the New Year. There will be periods during the week when areas will need to be closed for a short time for cleaning.

(d) Facilities
The Graduate Centre has been “zoned” to provide a variety of spaces to meet the needs of graduates. It features 2 seminar rooms with LCD projectors, a reading room, a library with several networked computers and printer/photocopier, an MCR common room with a bar and more networked computers, an MCR kitchen, a media room with large TV and comfy seating, and a roof terrace garden. It is expected that graduates will respect the facilities and agreed rules of each room and that there will not be a need for active monitoring by staff. If users do experience problems with other users that they cannot resolve, the issue should be reported to the Lodge or Dean.
The Graduate Centre includes the Mok Reading Room and a library area whose desk spaces are set over two floors. Journal runs and specific named collections of monographs, such as the Michael Foot collection of books on modern political history, are stored behind locked grilles. Access to these items is by request to the library staff. A collection of art-house films on DVD and Bluray is also housed in the Mok Reading Room: a key to access these can be signed out from the Lodge (only by graduate students of Wadham). Please note that the DVDs should not be taken out of the Graduate Centre, but viewed in the Becker Media Room, which is adjacent to the DVD section.

The library and reading room are for quiet individual work on the networked computers or the user’s own laptop. Group work, chatting, discussions, and use of mobile phones are prohibited in these areas. No food or drink, except bottled water, is allowed on the tables by the College’s networked computers. The networked computers in the common room and library are intended for quick use such as collecting emails or quick Internet search. For longer term use, the College’s 24-hour Computer Rooms are suggested. The Graduate Centre has wired and wireless connectivity throughout.

The Graduate Centre’s two seminar rooms (Gillese-Badun Room and Tower Room) are part of the College’s public rooms. This means that these rooms will need to be booked in advance for activities such as seminars, revision, meetings, group projects, research interviews or presentation practice. The seminar rooms can also be used for graduate conferences and small social events. Rooms may not be used for entertainment without the prior permission of the Dean. The seminar rooms may be booked by external organisations out of term-time. For further details on how to book a public room, please see the 'College Facilities' page of the Handbook.

The MCR kitchen is equipped with a cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle, dishwasher and fridge/freezer. The kitchen door is a fire door and must remain closed at all times. Cooking must never be left unattended. Food and drink is permitted in the MCR social space and Becker Media Room. Users must clean up after themselves.

The bar is managed and operated by the MCR. It is very important that users abide by the conditions of the Premises License. The Domestic Bursar should be consulted for advice. Details on opening hours will be circulated by the MCR. For safety reasons, no alcohol is to be consumed in the Barbara Naylor Garden (roof terrace).

The Graduate Centre is supplied with a number of bins for collection of recyclable materials (paper, paper cups, aluminium and steel cans, plastic and glass bottles, plastic food containers). All users are encouraged to use these bins.

Smoking is not permitted in the Graduate Centre, including the lightwell, in the Barbara Naylor Garden or in the area immediately outside the Graduate Centre on Back Quad.

(e) Security
Although the Graduate Centre is equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV) in a number of areas, the cameras are not actively monitored by the Lodge and should not be relied upon to prevent theft of belongings. Users are advised not to leave valuables unattended at any time. A limited number of lockers are available in the Becker Media Room, MCR kitchen and the ground floor of the Mok Reading Room. The lockers are managed by the MCR.

(f) Health and Safety
Graduate Centre users are responsible for taking reasonable care of their own health and safety, to co-operate with staff on health and safety matters and not to interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety. If users have any concerns about health and safety in the Graduate Centre, please report them to the Lodge.

(g) Staff Assistance
The Graduate Centre is not staffed, however if users need assistance there are two help lines, located in the common room and library, connected to the Lodge, which is staffed 24 hours a day. If dialling internally, the Lodge can be reached via telephone on 77900 for routine matters or on 77999 for emergencies. If dialling externally, the telephone numbers are 01865 277900 (routine matters) and 01865 277999 (emergencies). If a user is working in the Graduate Centre after midnight and there is no one else in the building, it is recommended to call the Lodge to let them know.
(h) Fire or Emergency Evacuation
In the event of the fire alarm sounding, users should leave the building by the nearest fire exits, which are sign-posted throughout the Graduate Centre, and should assemble outside the building as directed. Do not use the lift in the event of a fire. An emergency radio to contact the Lodge is located in a wooden box in the basement outside the lift.

The Domestic Bursar welcomes feedback from graduate students about any aspect of the Graduate Centre’s facilities.