College administration

Administrative bodies and College officers

Governing Body
The Governing Body is made up of the Warden and Fellows. It has the ultimate responsibility for the governance of the College.

Warden and Fellows
The Warden is Head of the College and is responsible for overseeing its administration and development.

The Fellows of the College (with distinguished exceptions) are also members of the academic staff of the University. Those you will mainly come in contact with are College Tutors who are responsible for selecting students and ensuring that they receive proper tuition once admitted, and for monitoring their progress. But you will find that your tutors are there for more than just your tuition. Tutors live on a very difficult borderline: they will respect your privacy and are not ‘professionally’ interested in students’ private lives. But if you have a problem which you want for any reason to share, including problems with other members of the College, they are all willing to be a first port of call. College Lecturers supplement the work of Tutors and may deputize for a Tutor who is on leave. They may be Fellows of other colleges.

Key College Officers
College Officers are appointed to particular jobs. The great majority are Fellows with teaching responsibilities, although there are exceptions, such as the Bursars, the Senior Tutor and the Development Director. The student-related officers are as follows:

The Senior Tutor oversees academic appointments and the College teaching of undergraduates. Together with the Tutor for Undergraduates and Tutor for Graduates, the Senior Tutor’s functions cover the whole range of academic welfare. She is available to all students to give advice on any academic or personal concerns. The Senior Tutor is assisted by the Academic Administrator and other staff in the Academic Office. The Academic Office maintains academic records, as well as administering various grants, scholarships and prizes. The Academic Office is where you should take any questions relating to the academic, as opposed to the domestic side of your life. It is also where you should go to book a place on a graduation ceremony, to replace lost University cards, and to request any official letters you require.

The Tutor for Undergraduates is responsible for Wadham undergraduate students. With the help of the Academic Office, the Tutor for Undergraduates deals with student progress and academic monitoring, and may be consulted on academic or personal matters by any undergraduate.

The Tutor for Graduates is responsible for Wadham graduate students. With the help of the Academic Office, the Tutor for Graduates deals with admissions and changes of status, and may be consulted on academic or personal matters by any graduate.

The Domestic Bursar, the Deputy Domestic Bursar, the Accommodation Officer and the Conference and Events Manager, are responsible for the management of all matters relating to the non-academic side of College life. This includes the upkeep of buildings and services, major refurbishment and building projects, furnishing and allocating rooms, catering, housekeeping and all personnel matters relating to non-academic staff. With the assistance of the Accounts staff, the Domestic Bursar is responsible for the collection of payments for these services (Battels).

The Finance Bursar assisted by the College Accountant is responsible for the day-to-day financial affairs of the College including the calculation and collection of fees.

The Deans are responsible for various aspects of the day-to-day student life of the College and for liaison between students and the Governing Body. The College elects from amongst its Fellowship two Deans: the Welfare Dean and the Dean. Broadly speaking the terms of reference of the first Dean ( cover strategic welfare matters, occasional case involvement, the convening of termly Welfare meetings, and associated welfare matters.  The remit of the second Dean ( covers social and domestic matters, in particular event organization, and disciplinary matters. This Dean has authority in matters of discipline concerning the behaviour of individuals or groups.

Both Deans are assisted by the College Welfare Advisor and by Sub-Deans, who are resident on-site in the College. A Sub-Dean is always on call in case of emergency or lesser problems disturbing the life of the College.

College Committees
The Tutorial Board is a committee of the Warden and all Tutorial Fellows and College Officers, and is responsible to Governing Body for all the teaching functions of the College. Tutorial Board usually meets three times a term to make decisions or recommendations to Governing Body on a wide range of matters concerning students, such as academic work, welfare, and admissions. SU representatives are invited to unreserved sections of meetings.

Wadham is committed to fairness and equality. The College’s Equality Committee meets termly. It considers college policies and practices in relation to equality issues, e.g. with regard to race, disability, sexual orientation and religion. An annual action plan is agreed, results are monitored and recommendations implemented with student, staff and fellowship involvement. Members of the Committee welcome input from all members of the College; to do so please contact the Tutor for Equality and Diversity, the Tutor for Race or the Tutor for Women.

As well as the links between the MCR and the Tutor for Graduates, and between the SU and the Deans and Sub-Deans, there are formal committees made up of representatives of the MCR, SU and Governing Body. In addition, the Presidents of the MCR and SU, the Treasurer of the SU and one other SU member, attend the unreserved section of Governing Body meetings.

Wadham College Website and Gazette

The official annual record is the Wadham College Gazette, distributed free to all members. As well as reports of academic achievements, articles, and contributions from old members, it includes accounts of student activities, such as entertainment, sport, and travel. Contributions concerning these, verbal or pictorial, are warmly encouraged.

Wadham has a wonderful website which is full of information about all aspects of College life, from news and events to room bookings and accommodation queries.  The news content is updated daily, and we hope that you will be checking the website regularly to keep abreast of all the exciting things happening in your College. Anyone interested in helping create website content (writing news stories, taking photographs, making short videos...) should get in touch with our Head of Communications and Website, Julia Banfield